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Jaffer Group Of Companies

Created By hammad zahid

Company Information

a. create users and groups; b. create, modify, delete storage pool; c. create, modify, delete volumes; d. add, modify, delete hosts; e. create host group; f. perform storage troubleshooting g. contribute to the outage review or RCA process as required; h. perform reactive performance tuning after a performance Incident; i. provide corrective actions and recommendations to resolve system performance problems; and j. engage vendor support where ever applicable and follow-ups k. apply required fixes and firmware as required to run smooth operations l. Work with customer to develop DR Drill procedures m. Perform a drill using customer provided DR fail-over procedures n. Perform steps to fail-over Cloud Infrastructure from DR; o. Ensure consistent replicated data is available on DR before initiating fail-over p. Fail-back to the original primary site once drill/ invocation is complete q. provide corrective actions and recommendations to resolve DR configuration problems; r. engage vendor support wherever applicable and follow-up s. support in-scope servers winding down t. De-configuration of Operating Systems u. Deletion and clean-up of data from the IBM provided equipment v. Perform backup of data for movement to another system

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    • Name: Jaffer Group Of Companies
    • Phone: +92 (21) 111-527-527
    • Email: info@jaffer.com
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